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Introductory Algebra for College Students

You always have Homework-but it is not always collected! After each class do the suggested
problems listed here from the sections covered in class (Yes-even if I forget to tell you!!). These are NOT
collected. The page is also on the web. Students that skip this essential practice usually do not do well.

• These homework assignments may be changed-some may be skipped, others added. In addition there will
be assigned projects and work sheets. Make sure you call a classmate if you’re absent!
• Check your answers to all the odd numbered problems with the back of your text.
• Don’t erase your errors! These are your best teachers. Circle them-or draw a line through so you can
still read it. Use color. Then redo the problem correctly. Try to also write down the reasoning. When
reviewing for a test, these are the ones to give extra special attention to. See separate handout on how
to correct your errors. Make notes in the margins of your text and HW when you get stuck-but move on
to complete the assignment. Don't stop when you are stuck. Just remember to come back when you’re
done or the next day after it is discussed in class. Get help if is still doesn't make sense!
• Some students have discovered that one secret to doing math is practice, practice, practice (with
understanding). They do many more problems than were assigned-and they do them over and over again
until the methods are understood and can be applied quickly. So, always do AS MANY EXTRA
PROBLEMS AS NEEDED for more practice. Although I can only go over in class what is assigned below,
I will be glad to go over with you in my office any extras you’ve done.
• Also do some practice under time pressure. Each day, choose several problems (some old, some new)
and give yourself 5 minutes to complete them. Always check your work! Study each day as if you will be
getting a quiz!
• Get stuck on some questions? That means you’re learning!! Summarize those questions and attempt to
solve them or write what the difficulty was. Leave some room so you can fill in correct responses in
class-or come to my office for help. Your HW should not look like it was copied out of the solutions
manual, or from a classmate. It should not be a page of answers only. There should be highlighting,
directions, work, corrected errors and study notes. It should be a helpful living document. It is almost
impossible to do well on exams if you don’t practice examples each night and study each night as if you
were getting a test the next day. You should put in at least 8 to 12 hours a week outside of class to be
successful in this class (Double for 5 week classes!); more if your background is weak, less if your background is
strong and this is a refresher course.
• You should also read ahead in your text to begin to become familiar with the new work that will be covered in class.
Try the examples that the author has worked out for you. Write down all the bold-faced vocabulary words. You will
get more out of class, and will be better able to tackle the homework.
• Remember: When possible, work problems by hand AND by graphing calculator-your weakest way FIRST! Check by
your strongest. Finally check with the back of your textbook.
(Always do more problems as needed for practice!)

Topic Sect Read Work These Problems (for practice – Do not turn in!)
Basic Rules of Algebra 1.4 35-45 5,11,17,23,29,35,41,47,53,59,65,71,75,77,79,91,93,
Exponents, Order of Operations, and
Mathematical Models
1.8 75-85 5,11,17,23,29,35,41,47,53,59,65,71,77,83,84,89,93,
Fractions 1.1 4-11 5,11,17,23,29,35,41,47,53,59,65,69, 71-78 all
The Real Number System 1.2 14-21 5,11,17,23,29,35,41,47,53,59,65,71,77,79,81,97,98
Ordered Pairs and Graphs 1.3   (postpone to after chapter 3)
Addition of Real Numbers 1.5 47-53 5,11,17,23,29,35,41,47,53,59,65,69 (read directions!
Write a sum!),74,78,79,83,86
Subtraction of Real Numbers 1.6 55-59 5,11,17,23,29,35,41,47,53,59,65,71,77,83,85,87,
93-98, 109
Multiplication and Division of Real
1.7 63-72 5,11,17,23,29,35,41,47,53,59,65,71,77,83,89,95,97,
Review Chapter 1: The Real
Number System
  90-94 Pages 94 - 99 as many as needed
The Addition Property of Equality 2.1 102-108 5,11,17,23,29,35,41,43,45,47,49-53,54,58-60
The Multiplication Property of
2.2 110-116 5,11,17,23,29,35,41,47,53 (Show the properties!
Check solutions following order of operations!)
55,57,59,70-72 Be sure to write down the equation
and define any variables used.
Solving Linear Equations 2.3 118-123 5,11,17,23,29,35,41,47,53,59,61,62,63,64,68,70-
72,75-77 (Show the properties! Check solutions
following order of operations!) (Try the extra
credit sheet: What is the title? p 3B)
Formulas and Percents 2.4 126-132 5,11,17,23,29,35,41,47,53,57,59, 63, 65, 71, 81, 83-
An Introduction to Problem Solving 2.5 135-143 5,11,17,23,29,35,45,47,49,55,61,67,69,72-74 Be sure
to write down the equation you used to solve
Problems and define any variables used.
Solving Linear Inequalities 2.6 147-157 5,11,17,23,29,35,41,47,53,59,65,71,77,83,89,91,97,
Review Chapter 2: Linear Equations
and Inequalities in One Variable
  161-164 Pages 165-167 as many as needed
Further Problem Solving 3.1 170-178 1-9 odd, 13,15,19,21,25,29,31,48-50
Ratio and Proportion 3.2 181-187 1-9 odd, 13,15,19,21,25,29,31,48-50
Problem Solving in Geometry 3.3 189-196 1,3,5,11,17,19,29,35,41,51,53,80-82
Review Chapter 3: Problem Solving   202-204 Pages 205-209 as many as needed
Ordered Pairs and Graphs 1.3 25-31 5,11,17,23,29,35,41,65,73,75,76
Graphing Linear Equations 4.1 212-221 5,11,17,23,29,35,41,47,53,55,57-61
Graphing Linear Equations Using
4.2 224-231 1,3,5,7,8,11,17,25,33,39,41,43,45,49,61,63-73all,
Slope 4.3 234-239 3.5,7,9,11,13,19,21,23,25,27,28,31,32,33,53-55
The Slope-Intercept Form of the
Equation of a Line
4.4 243-248 5,11,17,23,29,35,41,47,51,53,55-57,
The Point-Slope Form of the
Equation of a Line
4.5 251-255 5,11,17,23,31,32,33,34-36,43-45
Linear Inequalities in Two Variables 4.6 258-263 3,7,9,11,21,23,31,37,39,46,47,51,57-59
Review Chapter 4: Linear Equations
and Inequalities in Two Variables
  265-269 Pages 269-273 as many as needed
Comprehensive Final     Study for final☺